Election Day is November 4, 2014    |    Vote Libertarian–we support your rights!

Please see our Local Chapters and Officers pages for contact information if you would like to volunteer to help our candidates.

2014 LP Candidates

This year, all state legislative offices (Assembly and State Senate) are up for election, as well as all representatives in Congress, and statewide offices such as Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General and Comptroller. The following candidates have been nominated for public office by the Libertarian Party of New York or its local chapters:


Michael McDermott Website Facebook

Lieutenant Governor

Chris Edes Website Facebook Twitter YouTube Flickr

Attorney General

Carl Person


John Clifton Website

Congress, 3rd District

Grant Lally Website Facebook

Congress, 11th District

Richard Bell

State Senate, 5th District

Gigi Bowman Website Facebook

State Senate, 8th District

Chris Garvey

State Senate, 62nd District

Gia Arnold Website Facebook Twitter

State Assembly, 37th District

John K. Wilson Website

State Assembly, 73rd District

David Casavis

State Assembly, 103rd District

H. Clark Bell

State Assembly, 139th District

Mark Glogowski Website

Putnam County Legislator, 2nd District

Bill Goldman


Your vote for our candidates is appreciated!

Please note that you can enroll with the Board of Elections as a Libertarian. Check the box which says “Other” and write in Libertarian on the line next to it, and the Board of Elections will list you as such. When we achieve official party status in NY, you will be able to participate in the process of party nomination.

Candidates Wanted

Please give us a heads-up if you are interested in running for any sort of position as a Libertarian.

For statewide candidates, nomination is made at our State Convention. If the district in question is entirely outside of any county represented by a chapter, then it is the State Committee who needs to make the endorsement, otherwise it is any and all chapters contained within the district.

Join your local LPNY chapter to ask for help, or contact us to start one up if there isn’t one yet.

More Info

NY State Board of Elections
NY State Election Law

The FEC has a lovely 110-page document for candidates considering running for congress, or managing a campaign (right-click to download).

Contact (518) 595-4282 to let us know if you want to run or help out.